Monday, December 12, 2011

Art for me

How do I design? Firstly, there's a thought process.

For instance the final artwork of the musical Yum Sing is because of the storyline: It's about a clash of bride and groom's families with one side wanting a modern wedding whereas the other wanting to keep to the traditions.

So basically, the first step to designing is the research. After that, I comes up with the drafts of possible concepts.

The final design chosen is to show the contrast of traditional vs modern. Traditional being red and serving tea, whereas the modern is white and wine is served. (During that time, I don't think there's internet yet! So clipart availability is very limited given my resourced!)

The internal is designed like a wedding card to fit into the whole theme.

Why am I talking about this? Well, designing magic is like designing my art. I do research and I come up with many possibilities to show the effect as well as to solve the technical parts of magic. Then I experiment and finally the best concepts is used and the final show is what you get!

Monday, December 5, 2011

Art for me

Along the way, I got to know a prominent Pediatrician and a very passionate musical composer, Kenneth Lyen, and helped design his musical tickets, programmes, etc. Here are some of my works:

Along the way, I set up PerceptAds to manage the art side of things. One of the most prominent projects is the designing of NYDC's loyalty card.

But I didn't have a lot of business because I was busy! I was getting more shows then my magic business is still my number one passion. In fact, I remembered that in 2000, NYDC's boss called back to repeat business but I pass on the business because I was going on Starcruises Virgo to perform.

Although this business didn't kick off, but I think it was a fantastic experience that I will not give up for.

I still enjoy designing some of the artwork for the company. It does come in useful!

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Art for me

Although I didn't manage to pursue my art interest in Junior College, I decided to continue taking night classes during my National Service.

I decided on Visual Communications at NAFA. One of the most memorable lessons was in fact not on visual communications, but on fine arts. (Don't ask me why a Visual Communication course has a lesson on fine arts!)

The teacher from China, imparted his principle of "drawing from the heart". This led me in the latter years to develop my own style and drawing that base on my own personal thinkings.

Here's a sample of my drawing, inspired after reading about Picasso and cubism:

Magic is definitely a form of performing art. Every magician should have his own individual style and that style should come from the heart. I feel that magic has a means to an end.

I think I am very lucky to be given the right philosophy and thinking in the early years of life which probably shape my philosophies on performing as well.

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Art for your Kids II

I remembered taking art lessons when I was a kid. I remember this art teacher's way of conducting her lesson: She will ask us to copy her drawing from the whiteboard wholesale, right down to the way she drew her people; with large noses.

It was when I was in Junior College, my entrepreneurial spirit kicked in and I decided to teach kids how to draw. I was thinking I could probably draw better than that teacher since I got an A in my GCE 'O' levels for my art. I remember occasions that my classmate in secondary school would "copy" my artwork sometimes! In fact, I contemplated studying art in Junior College but was discouraged as I was in a triple science combination.

Wanting to be independent from my parents, (i.e. stop taking my pocket money), I asked my father if I can run my own art lessons at his RC. He agreed! So I designed a poster, photocopied and up in went around the neighbourhood. I had some (not many) kids for a start.

It was a creative outlet for me, thinking of different pictures to teach the kids to draw (or copy) every week. I remember teaching them how to make this fireworks picture by scraping of black parts of their crayons.

Now at Mr Bottle's Kids Party, we also run art and craft workshops. It's like full circle to my "art career"!

Do catch our staff at different OCBC branches teaching kids how to draw!

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Art for your Kids

Another passion of mine is art!

I would draw my own comics series, like Tin Tin. It's a pity I throw quite a bit away during spring cleaning some years ago. Here's what left:

I also love drawing the latest cartoon series on TV like ghostbusters and ninja turtle!
(My very own "How to Draw Cartoon" book)

Here are activities you can do with your kids:
  • Give them a blank book or my Nothing Book, tell a story and ask them to draw it. You will be surprised how different the perspective of your kid can be from adults!
  • Give them a blank book or my Nothing Book, give them some ideas to kick start their own storybook or comic.
  • Draw some shapes and ask them to imagine and expand their own drawing from there.
Hope you enjoy them!

Friday, November 11, 2011

Toys for your kids

My childhood is not just about magic. I am just like any other kid in my days. I love toys. In fact, I still do. Once in a while, I love to attend the big toy fairs in Hong Kong to see the latest toys available in the international market. (A lot of toys don't get their appearance here because of Singapore's small market!)

The toys nowadays are so creative! One of the most fun shops that I love to go to is the one at Science Centre. It stocks a lot of toys that can't be found in departmental stores. I recently met up with the bosses of 75 Volts, which distributes a lot of the toys at Science Centre shop. Great creative stuff!

Recently, I saw some toys in the market, which have been magic items for years already! It just takes some innovative guy to re-package and make it kid friendly for the mass market!

In my days, the one of the most incredible toys I remember was a Mask toy that will break off by itself. (By some remote or infra-red, probably.)

When I was a child, my favourite was this Lego set that my aunt from Canada bought for me. It was this huge set of Lego that was so cool.

When Mask came out with its cool machines, and I couldn't persuade my parents to buy me that, I made a copy using my Lego set. I remembered making lots of different things using Lego like a space station, with a lift in it. I still have the lego set; waiting for my kid to grow up before I hand it down.

When I read about PCF signing a deal with Lego to use Lego as a teaching tool, I thought this is exciting! In fact, I think the rest of the kindergartens should follow suit!

I am not saying other toys are not good! I think when you select a toy, choose one that gives them a lot of space for imagination and creativity. I think it will Lego is my top choice.

Can't wait for the nearby Legoland to be opened.

Friday, November 4, 2011

My First Magic 7: My first REAL magic show?

Although during my childhood, I had never been to a birthday party which had a magician, I never was deprived of watching magic shows.

My father was a very very very (did I say very?) active volunteer in his grassroot neighbourhood, involving himself in the Resident's Committee (RC), Community Centre, Civil Defence, Town Council... you name it, he is (still is) probably some part of it.

As a kid, my parents would bring me along to the events he was involved in. I was very lucky to have seen all kinds of magic shows.

One of them, that I remembered, was a magician from China. He was charging real cheap so RCs were booking him... a lot. He linked rings, he made egg appear, without much presentation.(Given that he don't speak English.) I thought, I could do that...

In fact, I thought I could do what most of the magicians are doing since I could guess the secret behind them. I just need their props and practice right? I was wrong!

Some years later (around 16-17 years old probably), I was given a chance to perform at my father's RC. (for free I think) I put together a few magic tricks that I just learnt and tried to perform them that evening. What a failure it was.

The selection was definitely wrong. It was a very forgettable show. (In fact, I forgot mostly what I did.) I think nobody understood what I was doing. I wondered even if people could see what I was doing! (One of the magic was done on a table.)

It was then I realised that there are some things much more than the secrets. I was on a long journey to learn what really magic is....

Friday, October 28, 2011

My First Magic 6: My Magic Books

Other than the books I copied from the library, I wrote down magic books on my own. I also created and adapted magic of my own. Some of them, looking back, was quite nonsensical and some, interestingly, works, including those which I put some thinking into the choreography and blocking of the magician!

I also recorded the secrets of the magic tricks that I have guessed on television, concerts and shows. In other words I had a lot of "Nothing" books! (My mother was a kindergarten teacher until I was about 5 years old so she had a lot of empty books for me to write and paste things on.)

Mad Book of Magic!

An elaborate magic trick on stage with just a coin!

My own script about Flying: 'Name me a thing that flies. Yes, birds aeroplane. Who build the first aeroplane. Wright. (Ok, ok, I didn't have that pun then.) Name me a thing that floats in the air. Yes, a hotair balloon. There's one more thing that float: it's this stick. Now don't blink your eyes, you are about to.... erm, I see two boys did as I told them. They did not blink their eyes, they close them! Now really look closely.'

I experimented and made a stick float in the air when I was twelve years old. (That was some time before David Copperfield floated!)

This entry is after watching Princess Tenko perform on TV or live probably! (Oh, I love magic so much, that I bought a ticket to watch her and gatecrash a 2nd time to watch her again! Tickets are expensive even though she came in my secondary school days!)

The secret of how David Copperfield made the Statue of Liberty disappear. On the bottom of the page, I made a cheesy joke of why the statue is that of the lady, not man, or else there would be a smell from the armpit that's carrying the torch.

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

My First Magic 5: My First Magic Kits

My first magic kit was probably bought from a shop in Marina Square. Someone was demonstrating the magic and I think my parents were very surprised with the outcome. So they bought the set which has 2 magic inside it.

I had lots of fun playing with them. (Although as a kid, I find one of them almost impossible to do!) I have sort of graduated from a homemade magic to something... different!

Then later, a pepsi has this promotion which was giving away free magic tricks whenever you buy lots of drinks. My dad managed to get his hand on quite a few and I think I almost collect 70% of what they offered. Suddenly, my repertoire of magic increased! I would play them over and over again.

Finally, probably the most expensive magic kit I had that I finally got in Primary 6 was this $19 set from Gician's Novelty. $19 then was A LOT of money. I didn't buy it myself. My parents would NEVER EVER buy it for me. My aunt and uncle, who brought me to this exhibition at World Trade Centre, bought one for me and one for my cousin. (Ironically, Gician became a very good friend, whom I go magic conventions with and he is performing for our company now!) She went on to give another bigger magic set that year again.

My aunt has always been very supportive of my magic hobby. Even now, she knows that I do not have cable TV so she will record the magic shows on CD and pass them to me.

My cousin never become a magician, I did! Perhaps that $19 was a good investment.

Saturday, October 22, 2011

My First Magic 4: My Library Books

I continued learning magic tricks through whatever means I can. There wasn't any internet then.

I remembered that the National Library Board has a Book Suggestion scheme in which you can suggest a book that you want to borrow and they will try to get it. I did that. In secondary school, I did the same thing.

I was happy that by the time I was in upper primary, Jurong East Library has opened and they stocked a series of magic books, mostly by this author call James W Baker.

Despite not eating during my canteen break and saving up 20 cents pocket money, (I didn't want to spend as my parents has inculcated a habit of saving and I can see that earning money is not easy for them.) I didn't even want to spend the money to buy new magic props. The book was just right for me because it made use of everyday objects. In fact, I didn't even want to spend that money on photocopying the book, which I could have, instead, I copied WORD for WORD onto a book for those magic I like and made my own Magic Book.

I was and will always be grateful to James W Baker. In 2003, I credited him in after I published my original creations on a column call "One Man Parade" in the Linking Ring, a publication of the International Brotherhood of Magicians. And lo and behold, he emailed me.

Can you imagine a childhood hero emailing you? It was an incredible moment. We had a short chat over email and I promised that I will visit him hopefully at the next magic convention. That chance never came. He just passed away early this year.

In Feb 2006, his only and last "One Man Parade" was published. Deep inside, I was hoping that I inspired him to do so. He always is an important part of life.

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

My First Magic 3: The Magic Shop at Popular

I never had my own magic set until very much later in my life. But whenever my parents, the tutors, went to Popular bookstore at Bras Basah to buy assessment books for their students, I will have a field trip in spending my half day at a magic shop inside the bookshop.

The owner is probably quite a famous magician in Singapore. (He later was a consultant on mediacorp TV for the gambling show.) He would demonstrate his magic whenever he has new customers but probably never to me. I was a regular face there but I never bought anything from him. I never had that much money to pay those expensive props. But I would still hang around to watch him as well as the TV that plays endlessly.

Of course, along the way. I tried to guess and figure out how certain magic was done.

One of them was the Svengali Deck. It is this cool magic where an audience choose a card and every single card will change to that chosen card. I couldn't afford that deck of super magical cards.

When I was a kid, my grandfather works in the cigarette company and had lots of free decks of cards that he will pass to me to do magic. I experimented and I come up with a TOTALLY different way a Svengali Deck might work. I guessed wrongly.

Thinking back, it worked fine, but it wasn't as good though. I recorded it down in one of my magic books here:

But I am happy that I am given a chance to think and fail, rather than served to me on a silver spoon.

Sunday, October 16, 2011

My First Magic 2: My first show?

One of the times when I was probably around 7-8 years old, I persuaded my mother to look for magic books for me at the library. Then, a visit to the Bukit Merah Library is like a weekly affair for my mum, sis and I.

My mum managed to find a magic book that is in Chinese! OH boy, I couldn't really read Chinese that well then and had to depend on my mum to read it to me. She chose one using a matchbox and I made it up. Here's how it looks like:

I performed it for my classmates. My classmates got excited and got the attention of my teacher. (If I didn't remember wrongly, her name was Mrs Chua. Mrs Chua was a funnily interesting teacher who believes in learning through repetition. She'd make us repeat a word about 10 times.) Mrs Chua got me in front of the class, and I performed the matchbox trick! She was stumped. She took the matchbox away from me. I couldn't protest. I am a kid, she is an adult and my form teacher. She pushed the matchbox in, push it the other way, wondering why so. Finally, she pulled on it and tada, she revealed the secret to the whole class.

I cannot remember what I was thinking then. But it is probably my first performance in front of such a big crowd.

Thursday, October 13, 2011

My First Magic

I didn't come from a well-to-do family, neither was I poor. My dad works in a Japanese company but my parents supplement the household income by teaching tuition at night. (They did this since I was probably a baby until I am in University. I told them to take a break as I was beginning to earn enough to give them some money. I stopped taking pocket money since Junior College, but that's another story!) So technically, I didn't have tuition at all, except from my parents!

So all my magic are pretty much self-taught, read, home-made. I didn't really buy much magic when I was young! Here are some of the items made of toothpaste boxes and matchboxes.

One of my first magic that I learnt, was from a calendar that teaches very simple magic. I can make a pen, wand, etc stick on my hand without glue, tape, etc (Learn it from the video below)!

Another one was how I can make a knot disappear. I tried it using the string of my bolster. I was a kid, I think these were magical!

I would perform my new magic for anyone who wants to see it...

Next: My first show in my class in Primary School

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

How did I start learning magic?

I really started magic when I was a boy. I really started magic because of my father.

I come from a middle income family, in which neither of my parents were even remotely related to magic or any kind of performing arts. I don't have the luxury of having any magic items already provided for me as well.

My father merely used magic to amuse and play with me when he is back from work. One of the magic that I remembered is that he would pretend to throw a handkerchief into the air and I would look in that direction and when I turn back it's gone! When I was a kid then, it's truly real magic.

One of my favourites was how he showed a handkerchief and hands empty and then make an egg appear inside the folded handkerchief. You can tap on it, you can hear it, sounds like an egg. You can see the form under the handkerchief. But just when he pulled it away, it's gone! (See below!)

My dad never told me the secret! It kept me curious for many years. It was only a long while later that my aunt tried to perform it and my young cousin "broke the egg".

I am glad that my dad didn't expose the secret to me. I believed in magic and that made me want to learn magic on my own. My interest grew with the help from SBC (Singapore Broadcasting Corporation) then, which was showing David Copperfield specials on TV. I would tape them and watch them again and again!

I explored magic a lot on my own. I tried to think of ways how David Copperfield could do it. I made magic things out of cardboard. I use ordinary objects that I find around the house I am proud to say that I knew quite a bit of the master magician's secrets before I turned 12. (I even wrote a book on secrets of David Copperfield.)

I think parents nowadays tend to spoon feed children with information and knowledge. But a lot of times, kids are smart enough to explore and learn on their own. Give them questions, not answers. I think they will learn a lot this way.

Next: One of my first magic tricks

Sunday, October 9, 2011

If you think you can, you can!

In my students days, I was very inspired by this tagline: If you think you can, you can!

I think this has led me to do many things that I would think that would be impossible for me, like... becoming a magician!

A lot of people thinks that being a magician means resting at home from Monday to Friday and then suddenly we kick into action whenever there's a show!

Unfortunately, no! There's so much to do! From the rehearsal to practice, preparation to planning of routine, testing to improving them. I am created and invested lots of money (many in excess of thousands) on many routines, only to abandon the idea later because I didn't feel that good about it.

Even for my Birthday Magic Show, I am still improving it; thinking of new methods after doing that show for years,. (The work in progress now is a new visual way to make the sugar appear.) Nevertheless, it gives me great joy to create them even if I were to give it up later.

For example, the current Recycling is Fun act is an idea from year 2000. I bought different types of mini trash bins in America and Hong Kong (because I couldn't find any suitable ones in Singapore) to experiment when I had the idea, but only to make its debut in 2008. (More on the thought process of this routine next time!)
Mr Bottle doing the Recycling is Fun act

Of course, show business is business too! There's administrative work to be done. We have to do sales and marketing. We have to meet clients, just like any other business! The only difference I guess is that I don't really consider this work since I enjoy every part of it!

I just met a person, after I told him that I do magic, telling me, "Oh, so you don't work..." How do I answer that question?! Even my parents were telling me when I graduated from University to find a "real job" first.

Anyway, work or not, I know that my magic and business revolves around me 24/7.

I remember in my students days when I am not a magician yet, when my friends are doing holiday jobs, earning money for their favourite brands, I am at home thinking and practising my magic. I wrote down in my diary that I want to become a magician.

If you think you can, you can.

Friday, October 7, 2011

Nothing is Impossible!

If "Nothing is Impossible", then how do we put to action?

I wanted kids to shows as much creativity as they can. I decided to create the nothing book! This is a project that I am pretty proud of because the whole branding just fits into place! Here's the front cover.

Here's the back cover design! In this case ("nothing is impossible"), pun intended! Some of you may already have it when you receive our goodies box at our parties!

What's in the nothing book? NOTHING!! In other words, children can really express their creativity. Something that even the adult may not be able to think of. But I felt, if I were to leave everything blank, perhaps it's too subtle. So I decided to give kids some help.

Inspired by the opening chapter of the story "The Little Prince" by Antoine de Saint-Exupéry, I tried to create a story of my own.

The story changed a many times before it was finalised. The final version was part of a joke that I heard when I was a child: about someone handing in a blank piece of paper. Well, it's funny and meaningful. So why not!

Here's the story:
In the next few pages, I put in few samples like what could be done so kids will not be limited to just drawing on them! (When I was a kids, I drew a lot of comics, wrote a poetry book, story books, magic books, etc. I will show you if you are interested! I threw quite a bit away though.).
Do you know that there's a few "secrets" in the notebook? You can actually use these secrets to perform magic! Look for them if you have a copy!

Whether you are a kid or adult, sometimes, don't we get crazy ideas and dream of outrageous things? Record them in your very own "nothing" book and years down the road, you will enjoy flipping through.

If you need a Nothing Book from me, just follow me on my blog, drop me a comment, and I will send you a copy free of charge*! (I am just too confident that nobody bothers to read my blog in details. hahaha)

*Overseas shipping Applies. Terms and Conditions Apply. Alternatively, you can purchase a copy at US$2.99each.

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Story of Mr Bottle

Do you know about Mr Bottle's story? This story actually reflects a lot on the philosophy of our company and Mr Bottle. Here's the story:
Once upon a time, there was a very shy child. So shy that he did not dare to talk to anyone in school.

One day, his father bought a bottle of magic for him. "In it, is a potion that will make you grow brave and strong."

Every morning, he would open the bottle for some magic. Day by day, he begin to make more friends.

One day, he saw his good friend cornered by Billy, the big bully. Believing he chased Billy away.

Many years later, he discovered that the bottle was actually an empty bottle. Believing in the magic has changed his life.

This child is none other than Mr Bottle the Magician, who believes that nothing is impossible.

Throughout the years of performing, I have learnt a lot from kids. I love chatting with kids with boundless imagination. For instance, some think that they can be as powerful as certain superheros!

However, there are of course times, children come up to tell me that "there's no such thing as magic." Now, think, if we believe that there's magic, then we can think beyond what we already know, do things that we ordinarily may not be able to achieve. If we think that "Nothing is Impossible", we can accomplish much more! I don't think Leonardo da Vinci would have invented his flying machine if he thought that humans couldn't possibly fly.

A lot of times, we are limited by what we know. If you think that we cannot fly, then obviously you cannot fly isn't it? David Copperfield didn't think so! He flew! (I am not asking anyone to jump off a cliff and imagining that he can fly!)

When I create my magic, I don't think about what I know first. I think about the effects first, what it will look like, then think of ways to create it. Along the way, I am happy to say I have created new methodologies that have surprised many magicians.

Maybe give your children a chance to try, even if it's impossible. If they fail, what's the worse that can happen? They can learn from their mistakes.

Perhaps it's not so bad to tell your kids that Santa Claus is real and reindeer can fly.

Next: Nothing is Impossible!

Monday, October 3, 2011

It's been a long time!

It's been a long time since we posted anything! We have been really busy. Personally, I have been thinking what will be interesting for our readers?

We are busy with preparing of launches of several projects! I think we are overly ambitious in trying so many things at once, but we are so excited with all the ideas. You will see more of these once we launch them!

Of course, at least one of the projects has to do with kids party! We have been incubating this concept for way too long (more than 1.5 years to be exact) and I guess it's time to execute it!

In the meantime, stay tuned to this website for more information!

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Photo Galore

We've just updated our store of photos from the events in the past 2 weeks! There are more Face and Hand painting designs by Twinkle Artist, more Airbrush Tattoo templates and creations, photos from a different Princess party, and photos from this Sunday's Brunch at Barnacles.

Go check out our Facebook page: for more photos, but here's just a little taste of what you'll find.

Friday, July 29, 2011

Compliments for Mr Bottle!

Magic show was the most exciting and enjoyable events of BLLS Nite. All our kids loved the show; you have won their hearts.


Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Family Day Inspirations: Go Green with Family!

The move to go green and reduce our material and resource usage or wastage is really important for our sustainability and for the future generations. Here at Mr Bottle's Kids Party, we constantly make sure we use the lights in the office only when we really need them, and we have a recycle box for used paper, flyers and envelopes we get in the mail. So it is really exciting when a company wants to do a Green-themed Family Day!

NYK Shipmanagement's Family Day had Mr Bottle and friends gathering at 7am on a Saturday at West Coast Park to begin the preparation for the event starting at 9.30am. We had booked the Grand Lawn at West Coast Park for the event, catering to 300 people. There was a lot more space available for the public to use, and the entire space probably could easily fit up to 1.5k people. We understand that you could book various spaces around the park for holding your activities.

For the event, we had a banner and EDM customized for NYK Shipmanagment's publicity purposes, and the banner doubled up as a backdrop for the stage area - a really good way to reuse resources.

A Family Day cannot be without bonding activities for the family to take part in together, and also for colleagues to learn more about each other. Mr Bottle specially planned a telematch. 5 teams of 20 people, 3 relay games, and 30 full minutes of FUN! Of course, the games were customized to fit the Green theme. "Water is Precious", "Toxic River" and "Global Warming".

The games challenged the teams to invent creative methods in order to fit the rules of the game. There were some very brilliant ideas, which also produced much laughter from everyone.

Besides the telematch, there was time for breakfast, and lunch, and also some Mr Bottle's Popcorn and Candy Floss for snacking in between.

Other popular activities that were specially catered for the children at the Family Day included a Pirate Themed Bouncy Castle, and our special carnival games Shooting, Basketball and Racing Car. Many children walked away with a whole packet of exclusive Mr Bottle's Kids Party souvenirs.

What's an event organized by Mr Bottle's Kids Party if there aren't any original Mr Bottle's Kids Party productions. There was Walk-around Magic by Mr Bottle, Science Show by Professor Messy, Balloons by N2 Balloonist and The Resonance Man!

All in all, the event was a big success for us as it was clear that everyone really enjoyed themselves thoroughly. There was a strong sense of camaraderie between the staff of NYK Shipmanagment during the telematch as well as the stage games. We hope you all had a real good time.

For more information on how you could have a special family day planned by Mr Bottle's Kids Party, send us an email at, or call 6515 5921. Hope to hear from you soon!

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

New Creation: Little Chicken!

Mr Bottle recently attended a store opening at Kallang Leisure Park for Diamond Wang Lao Wu's Chicken Rice. Besides performing magic, he also made a few balloon sculptures to liven up the place. One, a super cute chicken sculpture and the other a lovely bouquet of balloon flowers.

Aren't these creations just lovely? If you would like to have your one of a kind creations tailored to your needs, just drop us an email or call and let us know!

Monday, July 4, 2011

Party Inspirations: "Fit for the Future"

Mr Bottle had the honour of organizing Bloomberg's Bring Your Kids to Work Day 2011 to the theme of "FIT FOR THE FUTURE"!!! (insert epic music.) Yes indeed, the 50 children we hosted at Bloomberg certainly proved that they were fit for the future - just carry on reading for the highlights of the day.
What's a party without tons and tons of balloons to dress up the venue? For this "Fit for the Future" theme, we specially picked black and silver balloons as part of the venue decorations. 2 silver arches were made to welcome the children to their parents' office - one placed at the front desk, and the other at the entrance of the function room.

Not only did the balloons serve to transform the function room into a children's party haven, the children also showed their creativity through inventing a new game involving the balloons - who can collect the most balloons. Balloon decorations are always a sure winner at any event. Children who were early were entertained by the facepainting and balloon sculpturing stations. See the delightful creations below:

How can a "Fit For the Future" themed party go without testing the fitness abilities of the children - that's exactly what Mr Bottle did! Through carnival games like Basketball and Ring Toss, as well as original interactive games with an exercise theme, the fitness skills of the children were tested. Many of the children walked away with prizes customized to Bloomberg's request, proving that they were fit for the future.

No Mr Bottle's party is complete without a performance of our original productions. Professor Messy thoroughly entertained the children with his Science Show, teaching them the wonders that can be produced through understanding some simple scientific principles. At the end of the day, Mr Bottle closed the party with a sampling of magic from his bag of tricks, captivating all children and adults who were present.
You can also see the balloon arch in the background of the photo above.

Less scientifically and athletically inclined children could also show off their skills through the Mr Bottle's colouring activity sheets provided, as well as the Bloomberg Art Competition which we provided for as well. Here are some of the masterpieces created.

Mr Bottle tailored made this event specially to the needs of the Bloomberg team and we could do the same for your company, or your child's birthday party too! We customized the treasure hunt portion of the day as well as scheduled a segment for the Bloomberg team to do their thing. At the end of the day, all the kids went home with the prizes won at the games as well as our Mr Bottle's goodie boxes! Just let us know what you'd like to include in your party and you could host an original Mr Bottle's party too! See more photos from this event and more at our Facebook page: Send us an email at now or call 6515 5921 to enquire about how we can help you. Hope to hear from you soon.