Monday, February 28, 2011

Mediacorp Artiste in the house

We are the magic consultants for a new drama "边缘父子", which has very meaningful story. Don't miss it. You may catch Mr Bottle in the show too!

Friday, February 25, 2011

Compliments for Mr Bottle and Hello!

Dear Mr Bottle,

Thank you for making my girl's 7th birthday party a great success. The kids had a rolling good time. I was surprised that the sister of my girl's friend who is always very shy became the first one to volunteer to help in your magic act. The adults enjoyed themselves as much as the kids. Many of the parents present commented after the party that "the magician is good!".

My girl hugged me before she went to bed that night and thanked me for the wonderful party I planned. She was telling me how much fun she had during magic time. Thank you for giving her the due attention. She also enjoyed the games by your games master who is very good with the kids and she managed to get almost all the kids to participate in the games. There was so much laughter!

Thank you once again for helping me make my girl's 7th birthday party a very memorable one.

Best regards
Mrs Amy Ong

Wednesday, February 23, 2011


The balloonist was great. Comments from other guests who are knowledgeable about Singapore kids parties said it was the best balloonist they have ever seen. he was patient, wonderful with kids, and very talented making items at the kids requests. I would definitely recommend and work with your firm again.

thank you,

Brittany levinson

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Compliments for Mr Bottle, N2 and Twinkle!

Many thanks for making Charisse's birthday parties this year entertaining and memorable for us and for our guests. We've had you and your team join us at Charisse's parties the last 3 years and you have never failed to deliver in respect of providing excellent and unforgettable entertainment to us all.

This year, we are particularly thrilled to have you (aka Mr. Bottle) wow us (adults and kids alike) with the close-up magic, with such spontaneity and humour. I have received countless praises and compliments about Mr. Bottle!

The kids are also absolutely amazed and delighted by the fabulous and impressive balloon creations by the balloon artiste (some of the creations are just out of this world!), and the beautiful works of art by the face painter and caricaturist. You certainly have a great team!

Some points which you may wish to consider are: For the works of the face painter, you may want to consider having polaroid photos taken of the kids and given to them after they have had their faces painted. (Mr Bottle's: Good idea! Perhaps we will start with digital photos and we will email to clients. If the response is good, we can definitely do the add on!)

For the works of the caricaturist, the drawings can be a bit smaller and perhaps put in a simple frame. (Mr Bottle's: Good idea too! I think we will think about looking into finding paper frames! Anyone has any sources?)

In any event, these do not take away anything from the great entertainment that the Mr. Bottle team has brought to the parties. Once again, a big thank you for making the parties this year a success - the Mr. Bottle team has certainly been integral! Charisse would also like to say: "Thank you Uncle Bottle for coming to my parties!" So, we'll see you next year then?

Charisse certainly can't wait to have you all at her party/parties next year...

Kind regards,Celeste.

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Compliments for Mr Bottle and N2

Dear "Mr Bottle":

I cannot say enough good things about the show yesterday! The childrens' laughter said it all! Tristan had a great time and I think he laughed the loudest. The other parents present commented on how fantastic the balloon artist was (we had never seen such wonderfully made fairies and dinosaurs) and on how entertaining the magician was. All in all, everything went very well and I will not hesitate to recommend your services to friends.

Sharon McQuain

Friday, February 4, 2011

Compliments for Mr Bottle!

Thank you for being here with the children on our Year-End Thanksgiving. Other responsibilities have overwhelmed me lately, but I don’t think its too late to give you a feedback.

Although we did not start on time (no fault of yours), the children were excited about their special program. They shared with their peers who were not at the event about Mr. Bottle. I must say that you managed them very well with your magic and balloon sculpturing. You are very professional as Mr. Bottle. I am sure there will be other opportunities for us to work together again.

Thank you once again, and God bless

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Compliments for Mr Bottle, N2 and Professor Messy

Dear Mr. Bottle and Professor Messy,Thanks for a job well done! Both the kids and the adults had a great timewatching Professor Messy and Mr. Bottle. No dull moments at all. I alsolike how the balloonist interacts with all the guests. Definitely I will recommend you to all my friends.