Friday, April 25, 2014

Pets Friendly Restaurant: The Garden Slug

The Garden Slug

The Garden Slug is not just a restaurant. It also cater to parties of all sizes. Birthdays, baby showers, wedding solemnisations, company gatherings. The Garden Slug has a unique location for exclusive product launches; they are also good for hen parties, closed-door events. Events for as little as 15 pax to as large as 100pax is no problem at Garden Slug.

Located amongst the private houses, where many of the residents have pets, The Garden Slug is an ideal place for pet owners to bring their pets to chill out. They can even consider to include food for pets, especially dogs, to attract more customers.

We realized the opening hours of the restaurant varies throughout the week. This could be quite messy to the customers. There will be possibly customers who dropped by but found it's not opened, and hence reduce their probability to patronize again. The Garden Slug should stick to 1 or max. 2 timings for the convenience of all customers.

As for the Menu, it is good that other than the name, the main ingredients are also listed down for diners reference. On the other hand, the menu is simply black and white, without pictures of the dishes. It would be good to include some pictures to attract the diners, as "A picture speaks a thousand words". On top of that, e.g. Chef's Recommendation, Best Seller, Spiciness Level, Healthier Choice etc. can be included for diners reference.

The Garden Slug LLP
55 Lorong L Telok Kurau
#01-59/61 Bright Centre
Singapore 425500
Mobile: 86888575           
Open Daily
Mon-Tue 6-10pm
Wed-Thu 10am-10pm
Fri-Sun 9am-10pm
PH 9am-10pm             

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Interview for the World's Toughest Job... Wait till the end!

Watch the video, you won't regret it! We don't want to spoil your surprise, but would you work for free? Many would... 

After watching it, do think about the job and appreciate those who are doing this job.

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Easter Sunday BEST Family Hangout No. 2

Pan Pacific Singapore


Easter Champagne Brunch 

Celebrate with a lavish four-hour Sunday Champagne Brunch replete with unlimited Veuve Clicquot Champagne. With seven live food theatres, there are indulgences galore, ranging from a sizzling grill featuring a choice of omi wagyu beef, Pan Pacific signature sausages and more, a carvery with roast wagyu rump, prime rib and salmon with dill butter, a la minute pan seared foie gras and duck confit ravioli, seafood on ice with Boston lobster, Alaskan king crab and a choice of Tasarskaya and Fines De Claires oysters and a choice of eggs as you like it or even with truffles for the ultimate decadence.
A large selection of charcuterie choices including Iberico ham, parma and salmon gravlax await and turophiles would love the two-metre cheese board featuring 30 varieties of artisanal cheeses including rarely-seen melted Raclette and Tête de Moines shaved in the traditional style of a girolle.
For the perfect themed finish, explore the incredible range of 20 different-flavoured chocolate Easter Eggs – these include white truffle, honey truffle, chilli, Earl Grey, vanilla peppercorn, candied ginger, caramel sea salt and more. Cakes featured will include classic Simnel cake and Easter chocolate cake. Children will enjoy an Easter egg as a welcome door gift, face painting activities and an Easter egg hunt.

Activities for the Kids

12:30pm - 2:30pm: Face Painting
Our Twinkle Artist can draw Bunny, Easter Eggs on your face/ hand to celebrate this Easter.
12:30pm - 2:30pm: Easter Basket Making
DIY your Easter Basket for the Easter Egg Hunt. You can make into a Easter Bunny or even your favourite cartoon characters!
2:30pm - 3:30pm: Easter Mascot Bunny & Mascot Nemo
Not only Mascot Bunny is here, Mascot Nemo is also here to join us this Easter! Interact and take photos with our friendly mascots.

3pm - 3:30pm: Easter Egg Hunt
What's Easter without Easter Egg Hunt? Now it's time to take out the Easter Basket you've made and get ready for the hunt!
Date: Sunday, 20 April 2014
Time: 12noon to 4:00pm
Venue: Pan Pacific Singapore.
             7 Raffles Blvd S(039595).
             Edge at level 3.
Price: $158 per adult, $98 for children from 12 to 17 years of age, $49 for children from seven to 11 years of age. Children below six year of age dine with our compliments.

Monday, April 14, 2014

Travelling with kids and babies!

by Kien
Travelling with baby is tough. Travelling on plane with them can be… suicidal, especially if the baby or kid is not yours! (So do not sit at the first row with the leg room if you want a restful flight! because that’s where babies will most likely be!) 
Here are some tips to keep these little friends happy:
Talk to them - Get a conversation going especially if your kids know how to talk already. They love to hear more about you and your life! Of course, listen to what they have to say as well!
Renee playing with boarding pass
Know what your kids like! If your kids are kinetically-inclined, playing and folding the boarding pass can be fun too!
Let us plan the trip – We love responsibilities! If your kid is about 4 years old and above, pass him the guidebook and let him have a say on what to do, with your help of course. You can give suggestions to guide him along. (eg. animals, parks, playground, etc.)
Share your music – Well, I love music! Music can soothe them to sleep. You can even sing together with them, softly, that is!
Bring Toys and Books – Bring their favourite travel-size toys, and even a new toys to surprise them, which will keep them occupied for minutes, if not hours. Some other items that don’t take up much weight or space includes crayons, paper, stickers .
Renee with Cookies!
Sounds from a cookie pack can be like rattle to babies too!
Bring their favourite snacks and water – Yes, babies and kids get hungry and thirsty too! If you do not like airplane food, we can’t stand them too! Usually the security are kind enough to allow water for us to be brought onboard so fill ‘em up!
Renee eating some wheat stuff...
Have lots of different food and fruits to keep us happy and full!
Bring Medicine – I remember that I always get car sick when I was a kid. I am not sure about this, but has anyone administered anti air-sick drugs before flying to children before? (Whatever you do, seek with doctor’s approval of course! Other items like panadol, handy plus (band aids), etc are life savers!
Videos – I know some parents hates letting their kids glue to the LCD screen. But in case of emergency when the seat belt sign is on, this is a lifesaver! Do have some our favourite videos on your handphone and iPad just in case (when there's no wifi!).
Bedtimes – There are 2 sides to this though: You can plan the flight time according to their bedtimes. But there are still plenty of distractions that will throw our naptime off. (eg. Planes switch on their lights to serve dinner even if it’s like 11pm.)  Other babies will cry that wakes them up. The person next to you may watch TV and distracts the young one. Every kid is different so in this case, parents have to use their discretion to suit the habits of little fellows. 
Be prepared! – Bring lots of wet wipes, tissues and diapers, trash bags and extra clothes, within easy reach, rather than in the overhead compartment or your boot!
Dress comfortably but warmly – Planes tends to be quite cold especially at night so dress warmly and comfortably, yet easy to undo clothes. You don’t really need to care about being pretty on planes!
Air Pressure on the ears- Everyone hates that! One way to combat that is to drink water / milk while the plane is ascending or descending. I also found this device call Ear Planes in Sydney Airport that can be used to prevent this. This is available in adults and kids’ sizes and I quote the person selling it,”This is a very very good!”
Pack Smart – That’s a lot of things to pack right? Mummy likes to bring everything just in case, Daddy likes to bring the minimum. My stand? Pack smart! We don’t mind reading the book over and over again (BUT NOT CONTINUOUSLY!)  or playing the same game repeatedly. You can also use objects around you as toys! We love imagining things, this is so much better than the usual tech toy!

Sunday, April 13, 2014

Easter Sunday BEST Family Hangout No. 1

Park Hotel, Brizo Restaurant & Bar


Count the no. of Easter Eggs 7 Win for yourself a Weekend Seafood Buffet at Park Hotel Group Clarke Quay!

1) Count the number of Easter Eggs in the picture and comment below.
2) Like Mr Bottle's Kids Party FB and share this post to DOUBLE ...your prize! In other words, you get a Weekend Seafood Buffet for 2 pax worth more than $100, which you can use from May to July!

- 1 Entry per person! If there is more than 1 correct entry, a lucky draw will be held! Contest ends 20 April 12pm!

Easter eggs-citement and hoppenings that will excite the senses!

Easter Sunday : 20 April 2014
Buffet Lunch: 11:30am to 2:30pm, Sunday
$50++ (Adult) / $28++ (Child)

Highlights on Easter:

Meat cravings, seafood on ice, appetisers, pastas, Angus beef Loin, Roasted Pork Belly, Egg Benedict, Smoked Salmon & Asparagus Frittata, Lamb Rack with Rosemary & Garlic, mouthwatering chocolates, and more!


Activities for the Kids:

12:30pm - 1:45pm: Easter Egg Decorating Competition
Stand a chance to win a F&B Voucher for Weekend Seafood Buffet for 2pax worth $100 for your top prize, as well as Mr Bottle's Kids Party Premiums (Mr Bottle's Magic Set, Mr Bottle's Plush Rabbit, Mr Bottle's Nothing Book)!
12:30pm - 2pm: Face Painting
Our Twinkle Artist can draw Bunny, Easter Eggs on your face/ hand to celebrate this Easter.
12:45pm - 1:45pm: Mascot Bunny
Take photos and interact with our friendly Easter Mascot Bunny!


11:45pm - 2:15pm: Easter Egg Magic Show by Mr Bottle
Watch Mr Bottle's very first Easter Egg Magic Show, exclusively at Park Hotel Clarke Quay!

2:15pm: Prize-giving for Easter Egg Decorating Contest
Here's what All the kids and even the adults are waiting for... Win a F&B Voucher for Weekend Seafood Buffet for 2pax worth $100 and Mr Bottle's Kids Party Premiums!
Park Hotel
Opens daily from:
Breakfast: 6.00am to 10.30am
Lunch: 12.00pm to 2.30pm
Dinner: 6.30pm to 10.30pm

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Win dining voucher for 2 at Park Hotel Clarke Quay and 5 reasons why you should reserve your tables now for their Easter Brunch!

There are 5 reasons why you should quickly reserve your tables at Brizo at Park Hotel Clarke Quay

  1. Your child can win for you a FREE dining voucher for 2 pax worth more than $100 when they take part in the Easter Egg Decorating Competition! The hotel has prepared hundreds of eggs so they can even do multiple entries! 
  2. There is a 25% discount if you quote 'MrBottle' before 13 April. Wow, Mr Bottle is like groupon now! Usually discounts do not apply on peak days like Easter! So this is a rare offer.Latest update is that there is only about 30 seats left! 
  3. There are Kids Activities to occupy your children throughout! You can enjoy your buffet in peace while the kids get busy! Brizo is a nice cozy restaurant so no matter where you sit, you can see your children at the kids corner.
  4. The food - do I need to say more? Even my favourite Egg Benedict is on the list. This is making me hungry already and I just ate.
  5. Mr Bottle is performing his new Easter Magic Show only at Brizo.

Want to win Dining voucher for 2? 

Find the number of Easter Eggs hidden in this picture. Go to this link, then comment on the photo, share the photo and like the page to win! 

Thursday, April 3, 2014

A 3-Year Old Kid did something amazing that made everyone give him a standing ovation!

The kid is just too cute! He is so eloquent for his age. Can you imagine a 3-year-old standing in front of thousand of audience with no stage fright? He is not even affected by the audience's and judge's reactions! 

What he said at the end is just totally amazing and touching.

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