Friday, September 18, 2015

Win a limited edition Hello Kitty Figurine!

Hello Kitty Go Around!!! In Singapore

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Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Did you miss our April Fool's joke: Mr Bottle to become a full time palaeontologist.

Mr Bottle performing for international celebrity grasshopper. 
Breaking news: Mr Bottle's Kids Party has just announced that Mr Bottle will retire from being a magician, a 'career' which he has have for the past 15 years to become a full time palaeontologist.

It comes as a shock to many clients. One parent commented that she books Mr Bottle every year for the past 10 years, so she is at a loss now. "I am not sure where I can find a magician who can replace him! My child cannot do without him!" say Ms May Lau, 37, in an interview.
Fossils and dinosaurs on display at Harbourfront Centre
Mr Bottle hopes to pursue his other interests and become a palaeontologist. He was in NUS' University Scholars Programme (USP) in which he took a minor in palaeontology and environmental biology. This sparked his interest in dinosaurs. His enthusiasm in dinosaurs was rekindled when he  conceptualised and organised Jurassic Jamboree at Harbourfront Centre recently.

Jurassic Jamboree at Harbourfront Centre

It is there where he met many dinosaurs enthusiasts and fossil collectors and decided to put what he studied to good use by doing this full time and joining them on digs at places like Tasmania, Australia and Montana, USA.

Mr Bottle's 5 storey tall poster in Huhhot, Inner Mongolia. 
When asked about this shocking decision, Mr Bottle says that the magic market is becoming too competitive and it is about time he moves on. When asked about the viability of becoming a full time palaeontologist, he explained, "when I became a magician, it was to pursue my dreams! Now that my dreams have been fulfilled which even gave me a chance to travel all around the world, it is about time to try something else which I am interested in." When asked about his future plans, he says that he may perform again only if the right deal comes along; like an overseas gig perhaps in Inner Mongolia where you can find a lot of dinosaurs. He will also continue to organise dinosaurs exhibits at shopping malls and other venues all around the world to educate the public about fossils and dinosaurs.

Famous magician specializing in performing for children from New York, Silly Billy commented, "It is a loss to the children's magic scene; only with good children magician like Mr Bottle, then parents will continue booking magic shows." He added that kids magic scene probably will not be able to find anyone in Singapore to replace a creative magician like Mr Bottle.

President of the Society of American Magicians, Kenrick 'Ice' McDonald

Even the current President of the Society of American Magicians, Kenrick 'Ice' McDonald expressed disappointment in Mr Bottle's decision. What he says summarize what most hope for: "He did a fantastic show for the public and lecture for magicians when he was in Philadelphia! I hope Mr Bottle will reconsider his decision."

This news was reprint from the international magic journal, The Key Ring; 1st April issue.

Thursday, March 19, 2015

6 Great DIY Ideas for Magic Theme Party

1. Use red, black and white!

Magic is commonly associated with red, black and white because of the poker cards!

2. Use Cards a decorations

Cards and cloth with card prints are easily accessible so use them as part of the decorations: 

3. Magic Potion

Want some magic? Drink some potion then:
Bandung lookalike Pink Magic Potion

4. Card Chocolates

Print on a printer a chocolate sleeve and slot them into the long flat chocolates. Give them as part of the goodie boxes or for your candy buffet table.

5. Use black and white food

Use items like black and white M&Ms for your candy buffet. You can even have fruits like strawberry (red heart), black grapes (black) and raspberry for healthier option. Add a soft toy rabbit as a final touch. 

6. Disappearing Food

It is a nice touch to customise your food to suit your theme! You can have items like 'Carrots for Magician's Rabbits, bounce-no bounce meatballs (injoke for magicians) and . What we really love is this:
Yup, it's all gone! I told you they are vanishing...
All the best for your magic theme party! Don't forgot to book Mr Bottle's Birthday Magic Show for your kids too! You can even book our I wannabe a magician workshop for your kids too!

Lots of surprises in Mr Bottle's Magic Show!

Thursday, March 12, 2015

LEGO Themed Restaurant: Bricks N Cubes


As the cafe's name 'Bricks N Cubes', one can easily relate to Lego. It is located at The Cathay, accessible to all. Not only children are fascinated by Lego, many adults build and collect Legos. The bricks we see today was launched in 1958, which is more than half a century. Surprisingly, this 'toy' never loss its appeal even as the world develops. With the Lego Movie, LEGOLAND in Malaysia, I guessed the popularity of Lego has definitely increased somewhat.
There are many interesting things inside the restaurant, including the QR Code, Calendar & Tips Box that are made using Lego. To make it more fun, they can customize the tables and sofa seats to Lego bricks!

Ipads with Lego games and a kids corner with Legos and television will be definitely be able to meet the interest of different kids, while the adults can relax and enjoy cakes from Gobi and coffee from Indonesia.

We were invited to a kid's birthday party for their entertainment. It seems that the restaurant is experiencing shortage of staff (as with many restaurants in Singapore), as I overhead the staff told a walk-in customer that other than the party, diners have to wait for 1 hour for the food to be served. 

Overall, Bricks N Cubes is a cosy and interesting café for families.
Opening Hours: 
  Sun – Thurs: 12pm – 11pm
Fri & Sat: 12pm – 12am
Closed on selected public holidays

Address: The Cathay, 2 Handy Road #02-12/14, Singapore, Singapore 229233

Contact: +65 6735 7571


Thursday, January 15, 2015

5 Things you want to know about Professor Messy's Science Show

Our Science Show was launched in 2005 and produced exclusively for Mr Bottle's Kids Party. Here is our latest promotion video for the performance. We selected a few acts to include in this video! Enjoy!

How did it come about? 
I was reading this article from an international magic magazine and a magician from New York , who has this Science character, contributed some of his ideas. I felt the concept are really creative but mostly magic with some pseudo-explanation. There was a Mad Science around then (not in Singapore then from what I understand). In fact, I did visit and watch a show by the Mad Science in Genting and my friend who was in charge of franchising them in Singapore suggested me to take it up. I like Mad Science but since our strength is in production, we wanted to create something different, something unique. Mad Science focus a lot on science and I feel that the entertainment portion may be lacking a little. (For a good reason, this is a franchise so it must be easily done by anyone.)

Hence, I started with a character needed for the show: He is a smart scientist, invents a lot of things but is a little clumsy so his 'inventions' do not always work as planned (to create the comic effect). Real scientific principles must be taught so kids can learn the right thing. I want to keep the magic element in the show because adults and kids alike are always amaze by that. He is Professor Messy!

Why Messy?
I envision Professor Messy's table to be always messy since he is always thinking of new inventions, writing down new ideas, pretty much like my table most of the time! Messy is a shadow of my creative self, since I like creating new things, thinking of new ideas; like an excited kid working on 20 things at the same time.

How long did it take to produce it?
I had a lot of ideas then. So I wrote them down. Some worked, some didn't. I was collecting and holding on to the ideas for probably around a year then. Then it took another 1 year before we realise the ideas into the actual show.

The show is still evolving. During my recent trip to China, I had a lot of free time in between shows. The environment inspired me to conceptualise a lot of new ideas and now I have more than enough to create a 2nd show!

Who are Science Show suitable for?
We have done for the show for kids as young as 4 years old. Usually we recommend the performance for kids 7 years old and older but have 'customise' it for younger children.

What are the amazing things which has happened when you perform the Science Show?
One amazing thing that happened was that we had children who hated science going "oh no" before the show started to "I love Science" after the show! We also had adults coming up to us to say they enjoy and learnt something.

Where are the Science Show suitable for? 
We have been booked for all kinds of events:
  • Birthday Parties
  • Shopping Malls
  • School Shows / Events
  • Family Days
  • Bring your Kids to Work Day
To book the show, email or call 65155921

Thursday, January 8, 2015

12 Things You WANT to Know About A Singaporean Magician - Mr Bottle Kids Party

This article was reproduced from Splashville
Kien, also known as Mr Bottle is a contemporary magician and leading entertainer who specialises in providing children magic. He has been interviewed by Shenzhen Daily News, The Straits Times and has performed on television programmes such as “Hang Jia Chu Shou” on Channel U and “Jobs for Juniors” on Kids Central. You can read more about him at his website and his Facebook page.
1. What makes you decide on taking up such an interesting job?
I was interested in magic since I was about 5 years old! Recently, I found an old diary and promise to myself that I will become a magician and make others happy so here I am living my dreams and fulfilling my dreams!
2. What is the largest audience you have encountered?
I was invited to perform for the Ansan Street Festival in 2008. I was only the magician act and it was the first time I perform on the streets. Coming from Singapore and being in a small Korean town, I got a shock to see so many people watching my show! I think the whole town came to watch my show or something so the reactions were amazing!

3. What are some of the difficult moments you have encountered?
It was not easy route to take. Being a magician is a business! I love creating and performing magic but this is not everything! I have to be the magician, the director, the marketing, the producer, the admin, etc. There are business aspects of things which I have to learn and manage. There is so much to learn along the way. For instance, during the SARS period, there was practically no business for me for months. That was when my friend introduced me to a post-graduation programme in NTU about entrepreneur. I applied for the scholarship and got it and this has helped me so much.
4. Have you encountered any embarrassing moments?
Language is never my strong point so there was once a kid corrected my ‘three’. I said ‘tree’. I seriously didn’t know the difference then and it was really embarrassing; corrected by a child! So immediately went for a speech class to help improve myself.
5. How long do you practise every day?
I am always working on my magic 24/7 frankly.
I am always thinking about magic, reading about magic, etc. I carry a book around to write down about my magic ideas and my Iphone has a lot of these concepts too.
6. Do you have to undergo a lot of training when you first started?
Yes, I always think so. Magic is NOT just about secrets. Magic is a multi-disciplinary art and study in which covers psychology, theatre, science, math, art, language, etc. This may seem very harsh: A lot of magicians don’t have enough training before they jumped into magic. The reason I took psychology and theatre in university was for my magic and to improve it. I took part in a play last year so I can improve my magic. After doing the play, despite sacrificing a lot of income, I am so grateful and glad that I did that because I realise I still have so much to learn. I improved in my stage presence and speech so much in the several months of training. I am always training and reading to improve myself because I want to give my best for my audience.
7. What differentiates a good magician and a not so good magician?
If a magician is in it for the money, then he is in the wrong trade. A lot of passion is needed because magic is really difficult to master. A good magician is someone who can amaze everyone and react to the crowd. Magic show is after all a live show so a good magician must adapt to his audience and make them emotionally react (whether it is surprise, laughter, sadness, etc.) and make the audience remember the magician and the magic. I have adults coming up to me and asking if I am Mr Bottle and telling me that I perform for them 13 years ago and this makes me really happy.
8. Where do you draw your inspirations from?
I like to look at new things and these gives me inspiration for my magic. For instance, I like to visit Toys fair to see the latest innovative toys in the market and these may give me inspiration to create my next magic. I like to watch all kinds of shows, visit the museums and read books on all type of subjects. I am like a kid, just curious about anything, which is why I love to travel.
(Magic has brought me around the world! Audience braving the heavy rain to watch the show in Changhua, Taiwan.)
9. What do you consider as your most impressive magic trick?
Most people would think my most impressive magic must be a big illusion. Actually, I get the most reaction from my close-up magic, especially my sponge rabbit magic. A lot of people think these rabbits have a life of their own, especially since the magic happens in the audience’s hand. I have received like $50-100 tips a couple of times because of that!
10. Most expensive outfit you have ever worn?
Most of my costumes are custom-made! So I hardly buy the designer clothes off the shelves. The most expensive costume which I made is about $700.
11. Tell us something that people outside the industry would find it useful or interesting to know.
There are many famous celebrities who are magicians or interested in magic. Some examples are Oscar host, Neil Patrick Harris, Muhammad Ali the boxer, whom I was lucky to meet in USA as well as George W Bush. Another interesting example is Georges Méliès, a magician who was an innovator in special effects in films.
12. Your thoughts on the question: Do magic exists?
Yes! I always if one believe in magic, this give you the positive energy to enable you to do a lot of things that one may think is impossible. Let me tell you this story: Once upon a time, there was a very shy child. So shy that he did not dare to talk to anyone in school. One day, his father bought a bottle of magic for him. "In it, is a potion that will make you grow brave and strong." Every morning, he would open the bottle for some magic. Day by day, he begins to make more friends. One day, he saw his good friend cornered by Billy, the big bully. Believing he chased Billy away. Many years later, he discovered that the bottle was actually an empty bottle. Believing in the magic has changed his life. This child is none other than Mr Bottle the Magician, who believes that nothing is impossible.

Tuesday, December 30, 2014

5 Things you can do if you have too many kids at your wedding banquet

Let's face it: you'll be much too busy primping, posing for photos and getting married to worry about whether or not every single guest is enjoying themselves. So why not plan ahead and find great ways to entertain guests and minimise potential wedding stress? Believe it or not, there are tons of unique and easy ways to engage family with kids during your special day and ensure that your wedding will be one to remember. 

Photo Booth 
Traditional, most wedding photographers roam the reception snapping candid shots to commemorate the event. Unfortunately for your guests, they rarely get to see the finished product.

Photography-related activities and favours are a huge trend on the wedding scene right now. Having a photo booth on your wedding event allows the guests, especially family with kids, to cherish this moment frozen in time, and you'll also have a photographic log of the many beloved people who attended your nuptials.

Provide silly props like feather boas, hats or sunglasses and watch the guests stage and informal battle over the best strip of photos.

Source: Dream Wedding

Kids Activity Kits

Simply set up some kids tables and chairs, keep children occupied with some colouring or craft. Download and print some colouring sheets, print them out, buy some crayons and that's it! There are also pre-packed craft kids readily available in the market. If you need some to run some simple craft activities, you can enquire Mr Bottle's Kids Party or selected art schools for customised craft to suit your theme! 
Make a snow globe at a snow theme wedding!

Source: Dream Wedding

Kids Corner
Get Mr Bottle to entertain your kids with his magic show. 
If a large number of children will be at your reception, consider incorporating a kids' corner or room. Book an extra function room and have a party organiser plan activities! A good kids corner will have different activities like shows, fringe activities and craftwork to occupy the kids of various age group for at least 2-3 hours. You can even have balls pools for the toddlers and bouncy castle for the younger kids. 
Our bouncy castle is perfect for indoors and fits most function room. Only $300 for 4 hours, which is value for money! 

To give the parents a peace of mind, you can ask the party planner to set up a IP camera so they can see their kids enjoying themselves in another room, and not worry what is happening to their children. You can also arrange with the hotel to serve kids buffet. 

Food, Snack or Candy Bars

Banquet starting late? Food, snack or candy bars are a great way to fill kids' stomach since most banquet starts way past children's lunch or dinner time! 
See our list of favourites :
1) Popcorn Bar
2) Veggie Bar
3) Chocolates and Biscuits Bar
4) Cupcakes Bar
5) Fruits Bar
6) Candy Buffet 

We also love the idea of a DIY confetti bar, where guests can put together a colourful, custom bag of confetti to throw at your march-in / getaway.

Dream Wedding

Cartoon Screening

This is not a top choice for me (as a parent) personally but it does the job! It keeps the kids glue to the tube for a quite while; and adults can concentrate on the reception. The best cartoon to screen? Cartoon version of the Mr Bean; you don't have to switch on the volume for the kids to understand the story so you can still have this in the same room in a corner while the rest of the activities are going on.