Friday, September 19, 2008

More photos!

Here are some more photos of the kids launch. These are courtesy of Kelvin Khoo. You can contact him for your parties at 90038994 or For more photos by Kelvin and Yixin, you can see it at

Paint me!

mi ni my ni mi ni mo... I will choose this picture for my face!

I am "Mr No"


Say Cheese!

Look at the pen that I did for my teacher!

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Photos of Kids Club Launch!

Here are the photos for Mr Bottle's Kids Launch on the 30th Aug at Suntec City:
Tao Shu and Ling Ling!

No, we are not having our lunch! It's the Kooky Art Workshop!

Child and mum bonding

"Mummy, I am going to paint you on this tile for the tile painting workshop!"

"Look at my tattoos!"

"oooo, Marco can make things fly!"

"Am I cute?"

Lantern Making using bottles! (by LPN Art School!)

Hands Painting...

"Guess what is on my hand?"

"hahaha... why does he keep breaking Mr Bottle's magic wand!"

Watching Mr Bottle!

"yay! I m a "kooky" chef now!"

Making a rose for my teacher! (A workshop by Canvass)

Me & my flower bracelet by Mr Bottle!
There's a lot more photos but I cannot possibility upload all of them. I will add more later this week and next week! We will email to our club members if you have indicated which photo you want.
These great photos are courtesy of Yixin. You can contact her at and 97626274!

Monday, September 8, 2008

More Balloons!

"We are going to Avril Lavigne's concert with my balloon mic and electric guitar!"

Tiger Woods practising his swing? (The golf club and ball are made of balloons!)

Friday, September 5, 2008

Kids Says the Darnest Things

Mr Bottle: I love that show by Bill Cosby... I also love talking to children. They are just so funny!

We did twins Zach and Ally's birthday last weekend and this is what Zach went home and told his dad: "Mr bottle is funnier than you.”

Here's another one:

Mr Bottle: "Which character do you like best?"
Kid: "Spiderman..."
Mr Bottle: "Why?"
Kid: "because he eats bugs..."

We were organising a Bring Your Kids To Work Party at a bank and:

Group President: ".... your mummy and daddy work more than 40 hours here in the office every week and.... "
Kid: "How many minutes is that?"

Will bring you more next time!!