Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Art for me

Although I didn't manage to pursue my art interest in Junior College, I decided to continue taking night classes during my National Service.

I decided on Visual Communications at NAFA. One of the most memorable lessons was in fact not on visual communications, but on fine arts. (Don't ask me why a Visual Communication course has a lesson on fine arts!)

The teacher from China, imparted his principle of "drawing from the heart". This led me in the latter years to develop my own style and drawing that base on my own personal thinkings.

Here's a sample of my drawing, inspired after reading about Picasso and cubism:

Magic is definitely a form of performing art. Every magician should have his own individual style and that style should come from the heart. I feel that magic has a means to an end.

I think I am very lucky to be given the right philosophy and thinking in the early years of life which probably shape my philosophies on performing as well.

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