Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Kids Talk!

Mr Bottle: What balloon would you like?
Jovier: A bull.
Mr Bottle: A bull?!?
Jovier: Yes, a bull.
Mr Bottle: Why do you like bull?
Jovier: A bull charges at you if you wave a red cloth at it.
Mr Bottle: Have you seen a bull before?
Jovier: yes... on TV and internet.
Mr Bottle: You are wearing red, won't the bull charge at you?
Jovier: But there's no bull HERE!!! (you should see his expression.)

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

busy busy...

Bookings for Christmas are coming in fast and furious! Mr Bottle was away in China and have no access to blogspot. He is back but we are busy working on customised shows and other Christmas proposal! Book us early.

We will upload more picture soon. Here are some items for a good healthy laugh.

Mr Bottle: I totally love China! I saw the most incredible Chinese acrobats in China! The Chinese are amazing! World's best!