Monday, December 5, 2011

Art for me

Along the way, I got to know a prominent Pediatrician and a very passionate musical composer, Kenneth Lyen, and helped design his musical tickets, programmes, etc. Here are some of my works:

Along the way, I set up PerceptAds to manage the art side of things. One of the most prominent projects is the designing of NYDC's loyalty card.

But I didn't have a lot of business because I was busy! I was getting more shows then my magic business is still my number one passion. In fact, I remembered that in 2000, NYDC's boss called back to repeat business but I pass on the business because I was going on Starcruises Virgo to perform.

Although this business didn't kick off, but I think it was a fantastic experience that I will not give up for.

I still enjoy designing some of the artwork for the company. It does come in useful!

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Pam Petite said...

Wow!! That's nice! :) I didn't know that.