Thursday, January 15, 2015

5 Things you want to know about Professor Messy's Science Show

Our Science Show was launched in 2005 and produced exclusively for Mr Bottle's Kids Party. Here is our latest promotion video for the performance. We selected a few acts to include in this video! Enjoy!

How did it come about? 
I was reading this article from an international magic magazine and a magician from New York , who has this Science character, contributed some of his ideas. I felt the concept are really creative but mostly magic with some pseudo-explanation. There was a Mad Science around then (not in Singapore then from what I understand). In fact, I did visit and watch a show by the Mad Science in Genting and my friend who was in charge of franchising them in Singapore suggested me to take it up. I like Mad Science but since our strength is in production, we wanted to create something different, something unique. Mad Science focus a lot on science and I feel that the entertainment portion may be lacking a little. (For a good reason, this is a franchise so it must be easily done by anyone.)

Hence, I started with a character needed for the show: He is a smart scientist, invents a lot of things but is a little clumsy so his 'inventions' do not always work as planned (to create the comic effect). Real scientific principles must be taught so kids can learn the right thing. I want to keep the magic element in the show because adults and kids alike are always amaze by that. He is Professor Messy!

Why Messy?
I envision Professor Messy's table to be always messy since he is always thinking of new inventions, writing down new ideas, pretty much like my table most of the time! Messy is a shadow of my creative self, since I like creating new things, thinking of new ideas; like an excited kid working on 20 things at the same time.

How long did it take to produce it?
I had a lot of ideas then. So I wrote them down. Some worked, some didn't. I was collecting and holding on to the ideas for probably around a year then. Then it took another 1 year before we realise the ideas into the actual show.

The show is still evolving. During my recent trip to China, I had a lot of free time in between shows. The environment inspired me to conceptualise a lot of new ideas and now I have more than enough to create a 2nd show!

Who are Science Show suitable for?
We have done for the show for kids as young as 4 years old. Usually we recommend the performance for kids 7 years old and older but have 'customise' it for younger children.

What are the amazing things which has happened when you perform the Science Show?
One amazing thing that happened was that we had children who hated science going "oh no" before the show started to "I love Science" after the show! We also had adults coming up to us to say they enjoy and learnt something.

Where are the Science Show suitable for? 
We have been booked for all kinds of events:
  • Birthday Parties
  • Shopping Malls
  • School Shows / Events
  • Family Days
  • Bring your Kids to Work Day
To book the show, email or call 65155921

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