Friday, September 17, 2010

Take Photo of F1 Car

I figured that would be out-of-reach for most people! But you can find replicas of the F1 car around Singapore! Bring your kids there and take photos with these instead.
  • Cycle and Carriage (Mercedes) showroom at Alexandra Road. - (I hope it's still there!) It's the most authentic one that you can find for free!
  • Comm Centre -
  • Singapore Flyer - These life-size F1 cars there are made of cardboard!
  • Borders Bookstore at Wheellock Place - We made a lifesize F1 car out of balloons and it is on display at the bookstore along Orchard Road. Here's a picture of it!
Here's the process of making a F1 Car!

Let me know if there are more places you can see these cars!

P.S. I knew that Comm Centre has a stimulation F1 car game, is it still there?

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