Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Mr Bottle in Japan

Mr Bottle/Kien was away 2 weeks ago for performance at a magic convention in Japan! He actually programmed a totally brand new act using magazine in less than 3 months. (Although the act was conceptualised more than 3 years ago!)

"Your performance was great" - Tashiro Shigeru (Organiser of Japan Cup)
"I am sure that your performance and interactions are still being discussed, and I do know that your Magazine Act is a winner." - Paul Critelli (above. Chairperson of Society of American Magicians' Contests)
"I really enjoyed your show at the Japan cup. Very innovative inspiring performance. It's nice to see something so different from pick a card and watch the coin vanish." - Troy Star, star of his own magic movie

Kien in action!
Performers and organisers went on a special tour to Mount Fuji organised by the organisers of the convention.

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