Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Behind the Scene of Mr Bottle and Marco's Kids Magic Show

Mr Bottle and Marco will be part of a Chinese TV kids show! This 13-episode show has 13 different themes and we are to present magic according to the specific theme. This has pushed our magic team to produce some of the most CREATIVE magic tricks ever in Singapore. Despite we were told to use magic that only uses NO speech and NO audience participation, I am very happy with our concepts, and we may expand some of these ideas on stage or for a special theatre show!

I hope our clients will support the series and hopefully more magic will be featured on Singapore TV. The first episode is showing on 6 Sep. Keep yourself updated on this blog for the latest news of the show.

Here are some behind the scene pictures:
Mr Bottle trying to be the director for a while.

Marco posing with his bowling ball while the crew thinks how to solve some technical problems.

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